Photography Exhibition of young feminist activists in China

We are thrilled to announce “Aboveground—40 Moments of Transformation”, a photography exhibition of young feminist activism and the struggle for gender equality in China. Co-hosted by China Rights in Action, Feminist Task Force, and Asian American Arts Centre, the opening reception will take place on Thursday, September 24, from 4:30-7 pm. Guest speakers will begin at 5pm.

Feminism calls for freedom from restrictive gender roles and for gender equality in the realization of social, cultural, economic and political rights. “Aboveground—40 Moments of Transformation” documents young Chinese activists’ impressive efforts to combat stigma, discrimination, and violence against women in pursuit of these ideals. These activists use public spaces as their battlefront to gain visibility and spark open dialogue. But, in China’s repressive environment, bringing the fight for gender equality above ground comes at great personal risk. This exhibition frames and explores the determination with which these young feminists are pushing for a China with true gender equality.

About the exhibition:

Time: 9/23-9/27, 2015, 3:30pm-7pm
Reception: 9/24/2015, 4:30pm-7pm

Address:  The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center (The Clemente), LES Gallery, ground floor 107 Suffolk Street NY, NY 10002

Direction:  F,J, M or Z trains to Delancey/Essex Street. Main entrance on Suffolk st. (btw Delancey and Rivington)

Please RSVP to

Download Invitation Here: Above Ground Invitation

Hosted by

CRA FTF10year

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