10th Anniversary celebration of the Global Call to Action against Poverty

On the occasion of the GCAP Global Assembly and the 70th UNGA, We’re happy to invite you to the 10th Anniversary celebration of GCAP (the campaign under which the Feminist Task Force was launched) and the fourth celebration of the Feminist Task Force 10th Year Anniversary – #FTF10 Leaders Exhibit.

In commemorating GCAP’s 10th anniversary, we thought we could once again toast the achievements of the FTF within GCAP over the years and now as strategic partners.

The programme includes our dear colleagues, Alejandra Scampini and Marta Benavides, also GCAP co-founders, Kumi Naidoo (Greenpeace Int’l.) and Salil Shetty (Amnesty Int’l.) (invited), as well as Amitabh Bejar (WADA Na TODO) and Richard Ssewakiryanga (NGO Forum, Africa), Betsy Apple (Open Society Institute) (invited) and a presentation on the FTF Leaders Exhibit by the current FTF Director, Rosa Lizarde. The FTF Leaders portraits were commissioned by the Mexican-American artist, #MARALOVE.

Dates: September 27 & 28, 2015

For more information about:

#FTF10 Leaders Exhibit
Please contact info@feministtaskforce.org

GCAP Global Assembly 10th Year Anniversary Celebration
Please contact: Ingo Ritz (ingo.ritz@whiteband.org).

RSVP to ingo.ritz@whiteband.org if you are planning to attend.

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