The Feminization of Poverty: Women at the Margins primer explores how multi-dimensional poverty and its contributing factors, such as the lack of health services, lack of education, inadequate living standards, poor quality of work, gender-based violence, and living in areas that are environmentally hazardous, among others, contribute to the feminization of poverty.

Sustainable Development/Post 2015 Agenda

A Rights-Based Approach to Resource Extraction in Pursuit of a Sustainable Development – Advocacy Brief 

Gender and Climate Justice Tribunals

Gender and Climate Justice Tribunals Series – Mountain Top Removal and the Coal Industry Impacts on vulnerable communities

  • Central Appalachia Women and Climate Justice Tribunal. Charleston, West Virginia. May 2012.

Central Appalachia Tribunal Report

  • Chicago Metro Area Women and Climate Justice Tribunal. Joliet, Illinois. June 2012

Chicago Tribunal Report

  • “Strengthening Voices, Search for Solutions: Gender and Climate Justice Tribunals” 2011 Series of 15 Tribunals in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Pamphlet on 2011 Gender and Climate Justice Tribunals

Gender Justice Resources

International Women’s Day 2011 Gender Justice Tool Kit

Women & Poverty

FTF Fact Sheets on Gender & the Millennium Development Goals

Women & Poverty: MDG 1— Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

Women & Poverty: MDG 3 — Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Women & Poverty: MDG 7 — Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Women & Poverty: MDG 8 — Develop a Global Partnership for Development

Feminist Task Force Events

  • “Organizing for change: Women’s Tribunals as Civil Society Advocacy”.  Side event at the United Nations Rio+20 Commission on Sustainable Development in June of 2012.

Organizing for Change Event Flyer

  • “A Day of Dialogue on Women & the MDGs” September 2010: Addressing Crises at a Crossroads.

Day of Dialogue Event Flyer

Day of Dialogue Programme

FTF in the News

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