FTF Leadership Circle

  • Rosa G. Lizarde – Global Director

    Leadership Circle Executive Member

  • United States/Mexico

  • Contact: rosa.lizarde@feministtaskforce.org
  • Marta Benavides – Chairwoman & Latin American Representative

    Leadership Circle Executive Member


Caroline  Usikpedo Omoniye, Nigeria

Niger Delta Women’s Movement for Peace and Development 

Leadership Circle Executive Member

Contact: Caroline Usikpedo email

Josephine KamelEgypt  

Contact: Josephine_kamel@hotmail.com


Sharmila Karki, Nepal

Leadership Circle Executive Member

Jagaran Nepal
Contact: Sharmila Karki email

Middle East/ Arab Region

Josephine KamelEgypt  

Former Chairwoman, African Women’s Economic & Political Network (AWEPON)

Contact: Josephine Kamel email

Latin America and the Carribean:

Marta Benavides, El Salvador
Contact: Marta Benavides email

Blanca Fernandez, Peru

Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristán
Contact: Blanca Fernandez email


Luisa Cruz Hefti, FTF European Focal Point  


Contact:  Luisa Cruz Hefti email

Janice Goodson Foerde, KULU-Women in Development  


Contact:  janice@kulu.dk  

FTF Advisory Circle:

Ana Agostino, Uruguay

Sylvia Borren, Netherlands

Director, Greenpeace Netherlands

Marcela Ballara, Chile

Gender Consultant and former Alt. Coordinator

Natasha Guman, Denmark

Political and Strategic Communication Advisor at Consulate General of Denmark

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