FTF Leadership Circle

  • Rosa G. Lizarde – Global Director

    Leadership Circle Executive Member

  • United States/Mexico

  • Marta Benavides – Latin American Representative

    Leadership Circle Executive Member


Caroline  Usikpedo Omoniye, Nigeria

Niger Delta Women’s Movement for Peace and Development 

Leadership Circle Executive Member

Contact: Caroline Usikpedo email

Josephine KamelEgypt  

African Women’s Economic Policy Network  

Contact: Josephine_kamel@hotmail.com


Sharmila Karki, Nepal

Leadership Circle Executive Member

Jagaran Nepal
Contact: Sharmila Karki email

Middle East/ Arab Region

Josephine KamelEgypt  

African Women’s Economic Policy Network  

Contact: Josephine Kamel email

Latin America and the Carribean:

Marta Benavides, El Salvador

Co-chair of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) 
Contact: Marta Benavides email

Blanca Fernandez, Peru

Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristán
Contact: Blanca Fernandez email

Magaly Pineda, Republica Dominicana

Directora, Centro de Investigacion para la Accion Feminina

Contact: Magaly Pineda email


Luisa Cruz Hefti, FTF European Focal Point  


Contact:  Luisa Cruz Hefti email

Janice Goodson Foerde, KULU-Women in Development  


Contact:  janice@kulu.dk  

FTF Advisory Circle:

  • Ana Agostino

    FTF Ambassador and former FTF Coordinator, Uruguay & South Africa

    Contact: Ana Agostino email

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