Women’s Forum on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa

The Women’s Forum: “Feminist Perspectives on the Third International Conference on Financing for Development” was held at the Dreamliner Hotel, Jan Tekel Room (1st floor), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 10th of July 2015. The Feminist Task Force was one of the lead organizers of the Women’s Forum together with FEMNET, the Post 2015 Women’s Coalition, AWID and DAWN. Women and feminist organizations from different regions of the world gathered to discuss the issues at stake in the Financing for Development negotiations and to strategize on ways to overcome global obstacles for gender justice and sustainable and equitable development. The program can be found here.
Together with WWG and key partners, the FTF contributed to a coordinated advocacy and mobilization effort in Addis. We hosted a side event on July 13th, co-sponsored by the governments of Uruguay and Iceland, UN Women and the Addis Coordination Group (ACG), co-sponsoring a side event with UN Women and co-sponsoring numerous CSO side events with the ADG.
The FTF Team participating in the Women’s Forum, the CSO Forum (July 11-12) and the official conference included representatives from every region and includes Marta Benavides, Alicia Villanueva and Luisa Cruz Hefti (LAC), Caroline Usikpedo and Jovita Mlay (Africa), Josephine Kamel (MENA), Sharmila Karki (Asia), Janice Goodson Foerde and Luisa (Europe), two youth members, Natasha Guman, Social Media Advocate, and Cecilie Kern (seconded by Loretto at the UN for logistical support for the Women’s Forum and FfD Conference), and Rosa Lizarde, from North America (US and Mexico).  
The FTF also hosted the third #FTF10 Anniversary celebration in Addis with our leadership team and partners. As part of the media and communications campaigning, the FTF and partners were Twitting throughout the Women’s Forum at the Comms Corner, and at the CSO Forum on July 11th as part of the Day of Global Action/2015 and the Women’s Action Team of action/2015. A Twitter Training was organized with local and international women ahead of the Comms Corner of the Women’s Forum.

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