FTF Celebrates 10 Years!

In 2015 the Feminist Task Force commemorates its tenth year anniversary with a combo of celebrations and activism.

We celebrated once in March during the CSW, then again in July at Addis, and now in September with GCAP’s GA. If you’re interested in joining us this September please check out our post here.

Launched in 2005 at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2005 to promote women’s rights, gender equality and women’s empowerment as central to poverty eradication, ten years later at the 59th Session of the CSW, the Feminist Task Force celebrated our work on gender and poverty, our global leaders, our dedicated members, and our friendships, past, present and future.

What are we about – past, present and future:

    –  Poverty, Inequality and Climate Justice:

       We call for action on ending the feminization of poverty, gender-based violence and gender discrimination and injustice, main drivers of gender inequality and women’s poverty;

       We call for a transformative post-2015 agenda which has gender equality and women’s empowerment as central to sustainable development;

       We call for climate justice and real action to address the impacts of climate change on the lives of women, their families and communities;

       We call for ambitious financing of gender equality and for women’s organizations which will help transform the development landscape to benefit women, the socially excluded and impoverished communities;

       We call for gender-balance and women’s participation in political processes, and to ensure the voices of women are included and counted in person, in content and in data.


The anniversary celebration in March began with a tweeth-a-thon kickoff to commemorate ten years of feminist activism on a local, national and global level.  We celebrated the FTF leadership with a party on March 13th and featured the creations of #MaraLove, US/Mexico border artist who painted the beautiful faces of the FTF leadership as a tribute to their dedication to the Feminist Task Force. Check out the lovely celebration and portraits on our Feminist Task Force and #MaraLove’s Facebook pages.

We have created the hashtag #FTF10 for the occasion and will be using it throughout the year during key events which will mark the different areas in which the Feminist Task Force have been advocating for women’s economic, climate and gender justice.

We also have a new 10 year logo to mark our anniversary all year long!

Please join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary. Be sure to follow our #FTF10 events on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

@fem_task_force on twitter & instagram, and @Feminist Task Force on Facebook

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