Women’s Tribunal on Poverty & Climate Justice – Balochistan, Pakistan

Via Flickr:
The 2011 Pakistan Women’s Tribunal was held in six districts of Balochistan and two Districts of Sindh with 20 womens groups. Although a previous women’s tribunal on gender and poverty had been carried out in 2009, an updated country analysis paper highlighted continuous climate change impact on women and girls, including conditions of severe drought and flooding.

The primary reasons for the tribunals were:
– To bring the voices of women and traditionally excluded groups affected by the impact of climate change, to national and international level, with specific focus on solutions
– To be able to contribute to influence negotiations and plans of action on climate change at the national as well as the international level during COP17 and Rio+ 20.

Whereas the 2009 tribunal highlighted the problems, the follow-up tribunals/hearings in 2001 was on solutions to the issues and the contributing factors impacting women. The second series of tribunals were an opportunity to address solutions, political, economic, environmental, systemic and others, to the issue of women being impacted by climate change.

These photos document the 2009 Balochistan tribunals.

For more information on the Women’s tribunals in Pakistan, see our Climate Justice blog:

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