Women’s Tribunal on Climate Change – Uganda

Via Flickr:
In November 2009, AWEPON organized a one day climate tribunal at Grand Imperial hotel in Kampala – Uganda. The purpose of the hearing was to discuss and seek answers to three major questions:

– What policies should government put in place to help in climate adaptation and mitigation?
– How can we help mitigate the impact of climate change on the vulnerable especially the women?
– What should be the government position at Copenhagen and beyond?

The hearing was attended by over 70 participants from all walks of life including civil society and Government bodies. Strong testimonies were given by affected women and other witnesses on the impacts already being felt all over the country from pastoral communities in arid areas to slum dwellers in Kampala city. The unfolding climate chaos was shown in the sad irony that while water is simply drying up in some parts of Uganda, other parts of the country are suffering severe floods.

In November 2011, AWEPON organized another tribunal hearing in Kampala – Uganda to focus on more ideas for practical and possible solutions to combat the effects of climate change. The messages generated were published and sent to the relevant authorities nationally, regionally and internationally; and also provided input to the conference presentations that took place in Durban in November 2011.

These photos document the 2009 tribunal.

For more information on the Women’s tribunals in Uganda, see our Climate Justice blog:

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