Women fighting for Climate Justice

Since 2008, the Feminist Task Force has taken action on climate change, joining marches and protests, writing briefs on the nexus of poverty, climate change and gender, and organizing women’s tribunals/communities for climate justice to raise awareness and highlight the links between gender, poverty and climate change. Featured here are the faces of women fighting for climate justice, our partners on the ground and at the front lines of climate action. The FemTaskForce invites you to learn more about the powerful women who are fighting for climate justice in their communities.

In honor of them, we have put together this post highlighting our work with women’s tribunals on climate justice and eradicating poverty at the local level, and the international advocacy at the global arena.

To learn more about the FemTaskForce tribunals, visit our  Women’s Tribunals page.

Be in solidarity with all the women on the front lines of climate disruption around the world to demand action for climate justice, a safe and healthy planet and support for community resilience.

Women for Climate Justice!

Paris Climate Change Conference 2015

Thousands upon thousands marched in the streets of cities around the world demanding climate justice at the start of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), also known as the COP21, meeting in Paris in December, 2015. The Feminist Task Force joined the Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice, a global campaign organized collectively by a group of regionally diverse women’s rights and feminist organizations and networks to call for climate justice and to draw attention to the disproportionate risks women and girls face due to climate change.  Together with other environmental women’s organizations and networks, and climate justice organizations, we can combat climate change and raise awareness of the disproportionate impacts of climate chaos on women, their families and communities. 

2012 – 2015  North America and at the United Nations

Marie “Mountain top removal is killing us. They cannot blow up mountains, over top of our homes, and poison our streams and it not effect the people. What is it doing to the spirit of Appalachia? We all drink water, we all breath air, and we all eat food that the land produces. We have an obligation and we have to stand up. People are suffering and dying and its time to end it”. ~ Maria Gunnoe, Central Appalachia
chicago “Moving to Pilsen, when I leave my daughter everyday, I’m faced with the sight to my left of seeing the coal plant just spewing these horrendous clouds of coal ash. It’s scary  – and it’s scarier now that I know it’s effects. It’s here. It’s with us”. ~ Marta Aguilar, Chicago

2009-2015 Asia, Africa, & Latin America

Marta “This tribunal and all FTF tribunals are dedicated to the memory of Wangary Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize winner and African women, who championed the environment in her Native land of Kenya”. ~ Marta Benavides, El Salvador
sharmila “Climate variability like landslide, drought, heavy rainfall, glacial outburst, and flood are due to changing weather patterns in the region. Climate Change has a direct impact on the lives of Nepalese women”. ~ Sharmila Karki, Nepal

2010 – COP16, Cancun, Mexico

cop16 “No climate change program will be successful without the full recognition of women’s rights.” ~ Ana Agostino, Feminist Task Force, UNFCCC – COP 16, Cancun, Mexico Dec. 10, 2010.

2009 – Asia, Africa & Latin America

pakistan1 “Climate change adaptation is needed especially for vulnerable communities in remotest rural areas, like Balochistan.” ~ **Witness, Pakistan
pakistan2 “Regarding climate change, Pakistan is rated 12th in the vulnerability index. Droughts and floods have have increased in the recent years.Climate change adaptation is needed especially for vulnerable communities in remotest rural areas, like Balochistan.” ~ **Witness, Pakistan
Nigeria “These women bear the impact of climate change and polluted farmlands, low crop yields and ultimately impoverishment.” ~ Caroline Usikpedo, Nigeria

Chicago Tribunal

Watch the Tribunal Videos 

Central Appalachia Tribunal

El Salvador Tribunal

Niger Delta Tribunal

If you are interested in holding a tribunal in your community please contact us at info@feministtaskforce.org
For more information about our tribunals visit  Women’s Tribunals page.

** FTF honors the anonymity of all its witnesses.

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