Honoring Berta Caceres

Today, International Women’s Day, we celebrate all the brave and courageous women who put themselves on the line each and every day to advance women’s rights, women’s hopes, dreams and aspirations for a just, peaceful and healthy planet!
We honor Berta Cáceres, Honduran Indigenous and environmental organizer who was gunned down in her home on March 2nd. She was a tireless advocate for indigenous rights, particularly to land and natural resources. As co-founder and General Coordinator of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), she spent her life standing up for disenfranchised peoples.
Berta.Caceres.por permiso
International Women’s Day is also a day to take action! Take action by signing letters and petitions below:
Also – share on Twitter:
Tweet to the Honduran authorities: ALERTA MÁXIMA x integridad física/psicológica de Gustavo Castro, testigo clave en caso d Berta Caceres @SREHonduras @sdhjgdhn @CNDH @SRE_mx
#‎JusticiaParaBerta‬ #‎SeguridadParaGustavo‬ #IWD2016 @FemTaskForce


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