Calling for Gender & Climate Justice in Paris/COP21

The Feminist Task Force will be present in Paris for the UNFCCC COP21 meeting bringing key messages, testimony and experiences of women impacted by climate change along with advocating for a peaceful, just, safe and sustainable Earth. As it has since 2009, the FTF will highlight how a changing climate is exacerbating conditions of poverty, decreased agriculture, deteriorating health, including mental health, violence against women and migration for women. Even for those unable to make it to Paris, there’s room for engagement via online participation.
Join us for the Gender and Climate Justice Tweet-a-thon  –  December 8th – Day of Action on Gender
Raising Awareness – Tweet-A-Thon shout out
The Feminist Task Force, together with the Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice and the World We Want 2015 Global Platform, is hosting a sunrise to sunset Tweet-a-thon on December 8th, Day of Action on Gender during the Paris COP21 to raise awareness on the interlinkages of gender, poverty, climate change and a variety of pertinent issues. The Tweet-a-thon will also increase the visibility of women’s efforts and initiatives, including the Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice campaign.

How to engage:  Tweet on a personal or organizational level. Join at various intervals. Ask questions and comment, RETWEET and mark FAVORITE

### Use the hashtag #WomenClimateJustice
@ Use the handles: @femtaskforce @womenclimatejustice @worldwewant2015
Other hashtags:  #COP21Paris  #WhatWomenWant
Partner engagment:
There will be 1/2 hour time slots for organizations/individuals to take the lead and highlight their issue/campaign/work on gender & climate justice. This time can also feature tweet chats with invited ‘guests.’ As part of the Women’s Global Call we are inviting members/partners to select a slot to feature their specific area of work, their messaging, or to make themselves available for tweet chats. Currently we have organized 24 – 1/2 slots, which if partnering could be divided into 15 minutes each for two partners.
Sunrise to Sunset Tweeting – Date:  December 8th-Day of Action on Gender. No better day to amplify our voices!
The Tweet-a-thon is organized as a sunrise-to-sunset event beginning in the Paris timeline  (8am to 8pm), with a kick-off the morning of Dec. 8th in Paris, and moving to the New York and the Americas timeline, then the Pacific zone. All time zones can join in this time spread.
Key tweeting:  We are targeting some key people to take part and would welcome your participation, particularly if you’re having an event that day for the Day of Action on Gender. Please let us know so we can have a focus on that event. Please email Erica Carlino at
to participate.
We are partnering with the World We Want 2015 global online platform ( to amplify the messaging and the Women’s Global Call on Climate Justice campaign. Please email with your activities, comments, questions (
CC march.sept.2014.someone
At the September Climate March in New York City, we captured this photo which has a women holding a homemade poster with the following:
“I used to say, ‘Someone should do something about that!’ Then I realized, I Am Someone!” Start getting involved!!  Join the Gender & Climate Justice Tweet-a-thon!

Voices of the Global South ~~~

From Peru to Bangladesh, Niger to El Salvador

Testimony in the form of personal stories on the impact of climate change on the lives of people across the globe will be presented at a Global Call To Action against Poverty (GCAP) and FTF workshop in Paris under the auspices of the UNFCCC COP21. Colleagues will present on the linkages between poverty and climate change, climate change and gender equality, and how climate change further impoverishes the lives of those in vulnerable locations and countries.

Location:  Climate Forum, 1 Rue Dombasle
93100 Montreuil,
Lycée Jean Jaurès
Room 103,  PARIS

Date:  Saturday, 05.12.15  ~  

Time:  16:30 – 18:30

This is a public event, open to all and not requiring accreditation. 
For more information, contact Johannes Butscher <>.

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