Call to #action/2015 Lights the Way in New York!

Early on in 2015 the Feminist Task Force joined the Global Citizen’s movement to launch the action/2015 campaign.

The actions we called for then matter more than ever now, as much of our social, environmental, economic and gender justice work has focused on reaching a “post 2015” world.  And this month that Post2015 world has been affirmed during the General Assembly.

Let’s harness the determination and renewed energy of the GA to call on leaders and governments to do things differently. After all, insanity is defined by Einstein as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We’re beyond the same results. We’re beyond leaders doing the same old thing.

Let’s resolve to take governments to task. Let’s resolve to push leaders to do things differently and call for concrete actions towards transformational change in 2015!

  • We call for action on ending the feminization of poverty, gender-based violence and gender discrimination and injustice, main drivers of gender inequality and women’s poverty; We call for a transformative post-2015 agenda which has gender equality and women’s empowerment as central to sustainable development;
  • We call for climate justice and real action to address the impacts of climate change on the lives of women, their families and communities;
  • We call for ambitious financing of gender equality and for women’s organizations which will help transform the development landscape to benefit women, the socially excluded and impoverished communities;
  • We call for gender-balance and women’s participation in political processes, and to ensure the voices of women are included and counted in person, in content and in data.

Join us and partners on social media and use the hashtags: #action2015 #feministaction2015 @femtaskforce

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