Shrinking “Sphere of Influence” for Women in UN HLP Report?


Many words have been written about the latest report of the United Nations Secretary General’s High Level Panel (HLP) on the Post 2015 Development Agenda. So many words, in fact, that reading and re-reading the report as well as all the initial responses and articles on the HLP report has become quite time-consuming. Sometimes less is more. We’ve produced a word cloud with less words, more time for thought and reflection.

Highlighting a few key words used in the HLP’s report issued last Friday, May 31st, we are hoping to say a lot more with a lot less.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Using bubbles to demonstrate the use of certain words, the FTF word cloud picture shows that on an initial take, we are seeing a women’s sphere of influence in the HLP Report shrinking. To highlight a few:

Topping our list, “Poverty,” of big importance to us, got a high of 138 mentions, and right behind it at 134 was “Access!”

The word “women” appears 80 times, still it was less than “business” which appears a whopping 92 times! (“Civil society” appears less at 31 times).

The word “gender” appears 41 times, on par with “young people” at 39 times but more than “inequalities” at 24 times. Well, at least it got a bit more than “investments” at 18.

The biggy for us was the use of “women’s rights” which got in the document ONE TIME!   It’s at the end of the line mentioned 1 time, right behind “banks” which beat out “women’s rights” with a score of 3!

Table Frequency Women

FTF Word Frequency Analysis produced by FTF Media and Communications Coordinator, Erica Carlino

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