Gender-based Violence a Top Priority in Gender Equality e-discussion on Post 2015

The Summary Report of the E-discussion on Gender Equality, part of the UN Global Thematic Consultations on Addressing Inequalities and which took place from October 3 – to November 2, 2012 on the online platform,, indicates that Gender-Based Violence is a top priority for respondents of the online e-discussion. The report states that GBV “was one of the most widely voiced issues, with nearly four in 10 comments received in the first week reference to gender-based violence or violence against women and girls specifically.”

FTF Global Coordinator, Rosa Lizarde, one of the co-moderators from civil society of the Gender Equality e-discussion contributed to the summary stated, “It is clear that tackling Gender-based violence throughout the world is humanities next great challenge. Similar to eliminating poverty, all governments, all peoples, women and men, must contribute to eliminating violence against women and girls.”
Click here to read or download the Summary Report on Gender Equality.

“…We have to understand that we have a paradigm that will continue to create exclusion and poverty […] We need to work not so much for the world we want or need, but on how to create the world needed by all present and future generations and a healthy and peaceful planet.” — Marta Benavides, El Salvador. Quote from the Summary Report on the e-discussion on Gender Inequality.

Other priority areas 
1: Priority Areas for Gender Equality
1. Combat all forms of gender-based violence;
2. Ensure women’s sexual and reproductive rights and access to
quality healthcare;
3. Enact and enforce laws that promote gender equality and
eliminate laws, policies and practices that are harmful to
women and girls;
4. Prioritize access to quality education and skills development
for all women and girls, especially those from socially
excluded groups;
5. Ensure women’s full participation in society, including in the
economic, legal, social and political life of their communities;
6. Enact economic and social policies that contribute to
achieving gender equality and align with human rights
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