Mexican Communities Demand Climate Justice


FEDERAL DISTRICT, Mexico.- Representatives of Mexican communities will present cases and expose testimonies to denounce the main associate-environmental conflicts that are suffering due to the alterations of the climate, in the Women’s Tribunal on Climatic Justice, to be carried out today, Thursday 10 of November in Mexico City.

 The women’s tribunal is organized by Mexican@s Against Inequality and for a Community in Movement, in alliance with the Feminist Task Force (FTF) and the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP), along with Greeenpeace International and Inter Press Service (IPS) as part of a global mobilization of Women’s Tribunals on Gender and Climate Justice taking place in 15 countries around the world.  In Latin America, Mexico, along with Peru and El Salvador, will hold a peoples’ tribunal.

The event will be an open and public forum so that the communities affected by the climatic change have a space where they expose their problems as a result of environmental displacements, the increment of droughts and the shortage of water, the loss of their natural resources, and the social and environmental conflicts caused by large hydroelectric projects.

More than a dozen organizations and civil movements of the states of Baja California, Jalisco, Michoacán, Oaxaca, Puebla, Sonora, Tabasco, Veracruz and the Federal District will expose the issues in three audiences with the subject matter related to climatic change:

—  Social and natural disasters;

— Land and food sovereignty;

— Unfettered urbanization, unsustainability and loss of nature and public goods of towns.

“This process seeks to raise awareness about the social and environmental  issues that Mexican communities are suffering  due to the onslaught of the climatic change, as well as to achieve a better defense of the environmental rights of Mexican towns”, said Humberto Jaramillo, coordinator of GCAP-MEXICO.

The Women’s Tribunals on Climatic Justice provides the opportunity for communities to start a political dialectic as an entry point to demand justice from the State and to highlight the socioeconomic system destroying Mother Earth. It will be a forum to share answers and particular solutions of mitigation and adaptation to face this climatic and environmental crisis.

The outcomes that are generated by the communities has the objective to influence the negotiations and plans of action on climatic change at the national level, as well as to inform at the international level at the XVII Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework for the Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Durban, South Africa this year, as well as for the Rio+20 Summit in 2012.  The Women’s Tribunal on Climatic Justice will be carried out this Thursday,  November 10, 8,30 to 18 hours in the Theological Community of Mexico City, located in Av.  San Jerónimo # 137, Cabbage.  San Angel, Delegation Álvaro Obregón, Federal District. —.

For more information, see:  Mexicans Against Inequality or contact Humberto Jaramillo.

For more information on the Women’s Tribunal series, click on the link below or contact Feminist Task Force Global Coordinator, Rosa Lizarde.

Strengthening Voices: Search for Solutions – Gender and Climate Justice Tribunals 2011  

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