Women’s Tribunal on Climate Change – Nepal

Via Flickr:
Since the 1960s, Nepal has seen 17 glacial lakes breach their boundaries, causing death and destruction. Studies had forecast that Tsho Rolpa, one of the biggest glacial lakes in Nepal, would also cause a GLOF – glacial lake outburst flood – in 1997. If the dam gets breached, a flood of nearly 80 cubic metres of water could put the lives of over 6,000 people at risk and destroy a 60 megawatt hydropower project.

Women in developing countries like Nepal are primarily responsible for the production of foods. Women are particularly affected by climate change because they generally do not have secure, affordable access and control over land, water, livestock and natural resources. On behalf of GCAP National Coalition, with support from the Feminist Task Force (FTF) of GCAP Foundation, Jagaran Nepal organized a hearing on climate justice and its impact on rural women in the Dolakha district on 30th October 2011.

For more information on the Women’s tribunals in Nepal, see our Climate Justice blog:

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