El Salvador: Women’s Tribunal on Climate Justice Postponed Due to Impacts of Climate, Neglect and Corruption

With hurricane Jova hitting the Pacific coast of Mexico and Central America comes word from our friend and FTF member, Marta Benavides, that the Gender and Climate Justice Tribunal is postponed indefinitely due to the bad weather which has flooded entire communities and stranded thousands with many having to go to shelters.
In Marta’s own words, First of all, thanking each one of you for your support in the promotion of these programmed events, Oct. 14 – 16th.  Due to the situation of emergency in which my country lives because of various storms and because the emergencies have resulted in a bad condition for the communities which were to take part in the tribunal and events, we have decided to postpone the activities until a more appropriate moment to have them.
Once again we give our thanks reminding you that the situation is grave. It is being described my some in the media as “El Salvador Under Water” which dramatizes clearly the urgent need of the government a all levels to unite with the citizens to change this very difficult situation and ensure the good and safe livelihood of the people and future generations, along with a healthy environment.  
Marta and her colleagues were able to send photos of the situation in some communities. Please read more and find more details and photos on our blog spot: http://cllimatejusticetribunals.blogspot.com/:
Check out our map of Gender & Climate Justice Tribunals around the world.

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