Kumi Naidoo released today

As an update to our previous post, Greenpeace head and GCAP Ambassador, Kumi Naidoo, arrested over oil rig protest, we can report that Kumi was deported from Greenland where he was jailed last Friday, and is now in jail in Denmark.  The Durban man, who was arrested after he scaled a British oil
rig as part of a Greenpeace protest against drilling for oil in the
environmentally sensitive Arctic, was released today.

Naidoo, 45, and fellow Greenpeace campaigner Norwegian Ulvar Arnkvaern, who also scaled the rig, have been fined R26 000 after being charged with trespassing.  Naidoo’s daughter, Naomi, wrote to her father in jail on Father’s Day: “As my friends and flatmates go to visit their fathers on Father’s Day, I am both proud and saddened to know that you are being held in custody in Greenland after standing up against the madness of Arctic oil drilling.

“Watching the videos of you braving the freezing water cannon to scale that massive Arctic oil rig, I can truthfully say that I will spend this Father’s Day being proud to be your daughter.”  To read more, click here  or




featured image courtesy of World Economic Forum under a creative commons license.

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