Global Day of Action on the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)

Dear colleagues,

Campaigners are preparing for a Global Day of Action on the Financial Transaction Tax on June 22nd.

The day will take place between the EU Finance ministers meeting on the 15 June and the European Council on 23-24 June. It will be an important step in the FTT campaign to fight for a real implementation of a European and a global FTT.

If you’re interested in participating/organizing a media stunt/activity, and your country name is one of those on the campaigns country mapping document, get in touch with Adam Musgrave/Oxfam or a country contact designated in the google doc:
Spanish, French and Portuguese are also available. Contact me separately or see contact information below for forwarded documents.   Also — see details below about the final FTT call this week on Wed. June 15th at 1:00GMT/2pm UK/ 9am New York.

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