#Wethepeoples‬ hub

The Feminist Task Force and GCAP presented data Thursday morning, October 1st, 2015 at the UN We the Peoples Hub.

The event showcased PSG & @WorldWeWant2015 data to all generations. The aim of this initiative was to bring the experience of vulnerable communities straight to decision makers, thereby creating deeper empathy and understanding. This is in line with the UNMC’s efforts to elevate the voices of those who often do not have a say, bringing peoples’ voices directly into the decision making process.

Use the hashtags #wethepeoples, #UNGA & #PeoplesVoices to join the dialogue.

The Event:
Opening: Presentation area
Co-chairs, Policy and Strategy Group, World We Want 2015.org
Rosa Lizarde
Ravi Karkara
Intro to Hub and Stations: Mitch Toomey, UNMC


Show & Tell 1: data panels
Data Visualization: Rosa
Featuring GCAP Consultations
Marta Benavides
Ingo Ritz



Show & Tell 2: My World Philippines
Becky Mlay

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.18.59 PM

Show & Tell 3:
Virtual Reality Film Screening – Ebola in Liberia; Syrian Refugees

Show & Tell 4: UNEA – Juan Chebly – TBC


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